Great Lamp, Keep the Copper.

When ever I see brass or copper interior fixtures, I think about all that ugly 1970’s interior design that incorporated both metals into railings, accents, lighting, and cabinet hardware. Looking at this new ceiling light from Lima De Lezando, I still don’t like either of those metals. I love the shape of the lamp though, and I really like the glass fixtures at the end of each armature.

Furore is a ceiling lamp hat is made up of 7 curved metal tube arms and handmade glass bulbs. The form has an elegant grace and lightness to it that is visually appealing, and I am thinking that unlike myself, there are a lot of people who will actually like the copper. The lamp, which will be available this Fall, will come in brass, copper, chrome, high polish white/black and matte white/black. In addition, the glasses can be clear or colored. Architects and designers will be able to customize the lamp to fit in any room design, both residential and commercial.

Unfortunately I was only able to get a set of images in the copper metal. I was hoping to find a set in chrome or black and white. If I find an additional set, I’ll post it.