FSIGN LED Lights Are Just What I Need, Almost.

I have been looking for an exterior lighting solution for the house for about a year now. I need to find something that works with the architecture, and blends in with the lines of the house. YOu would think that this is an easy thing to find but it really isn’t. Today I got really excited about a new series of light s from FSIGN, but unfortunately they aren’t available in an outdoor form factor. The lights are strictly for indoor use only, the good thing is this gives me hope that I’ll find or hopefully FSIGN will make these available for outdoor use.

German design firm FSIGN has embraced the use of LED lighting and created the one.LED series of lights that are simple flat slabs of bent metal. one.LED  lighting family is made with an aluminium bonded body, which helps transfer the thermal energy created into light, for the absolute minimum of waste heat generation. With each LED drawing a mere 1/4 watt each to run, the lights draw from 5 to 10 watts depending on the configuration.

As well as being drop-dead gorgeous, FSIGN’s warm, sharp clean light is as powerful as a halogen light, but takes five times less power to run than halogens and cuts energy use 80%, making these LEED certified lighting winners.