The Perfect Pour.

I love a good cup of coffee, but getting one isn’t always that easy. I have a favorite coffee place that I go to pretty much every morning on the way to work, and they always get it right. It’s those other places I go to that claim to have real Baristas that tend to get it wrong.

But fear not coffee drinkers, the good folks over at Plaid, in New York City, have put together a great little poster to help the barista wanna-be get it right. Take a look at “The Perfect Pour: A Citizens Guide” poster. This is a simple easy to understand guide to what goes into a coffee drink and the portions you need to get it right. Now this won’t help the person at the espresso machine time a perfect pull, but it might help them keep from adding to much milk to your latte.


  1. Awesome…however I wanted to print this up and take it to Bella Napoli to be used on a consistant basis. It only prints half of the third column and my favorite Carajillo needs to be known.

    Maybe a fine artist like yourself can resend this in a printable format. 🙂

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