One Year and Counting.

One year ago today, I moved into the new house after more than ten years in the Union Hill neighborhood. When I started this blog I was originally going to post exclusively about living in the new house and the change of moving to Kansas etc. but as I have said before that got boring pretty fast. In reality I probably could have written a daily post about some new experience or thing that was directly related to the home, but I’m just not that well-disciplined. Instead I have posted about everything under the sun with a pretty hefty focus on design issues. There have been numerous posts about our house, but it hasn’t been my main focus for some time now.

After one year I can say this, living in the Modular 4 house designed by Studio 804 has been pretty amazing, and very different from living in a traditional home. One reason is the movable interior walls. Over the last year I have re-arranged the walls four times. Another reason is the movable walls. In order for the walls to move, they have to be slightly elevated from the floor. The three-inch gap between the wall and the floor allows for light and sound to pass under them. Like anything you get used to it. When we first moved in, this was tough.

In addition to the movable walls, there is the enormous yard, and lot to the South. I haven’t had to mow a yard for ten years. My home in Union Hill was urban and had no real yard. The new house sits on a lot that is approximately 90 by 300 feet in size, and is surrounded to the south and west by a three acre field and woods. Because of this, in the last year I have seen more deer and other wild like than I have in a long time. The crazy thing is, I am less than five minutes walking time from the 39th street corridor and an urban center. Last October, when I was walking the dogs at 6 in the morning we encountered 15 deer in the backyard. That was never going to happen in Union Hill.

After one year, we have replaced the driveway, started landscaping, scheduled to have a patio built of the back deck, expanded the yard to the west by 30 feet, shoveled a ton of snow, mowed the lawn about 75 times, painted, had more house guests than we ever had at the Union Hill home, discovered the new neighborhood, met the fox, the groundhog, the deer, a bunch of stray cats and dogs, discovered that the field has about one billion insects in it during the summer, and made new friends in the neighborhood.

As we move forward this fall with projects around the house I’ll post on them, but like I said earlier the focus of the blog has changed a bit. Some about living in the house, more about other interesting stuff.