David&Goliath Saw a Woman In Half at McCarren Airport.

Advertising Agency: David&Goliath have created a very clever advertisement for the Lance Burton magic show at the Monte Carlo Casino and Resort in Las Vegas. Placed at the baggage carousels in McCarran airport, a lone box circles endlessly 24 hours a day. It is in a location that has a captive audience as they wait for their luggage to be delivered to them. What is so unique about this? Well the fact that the box has a woman’s legs sticking out of the end of it. This is such a simple idea, with a humorous and arresting visual. It is impossible to not look at this, and you have to admit, it is very clever.

Vegas has always been extremely competitive for patrons when it comes to the entertainment sector. In tough economic times even more so, and this is such an effective way to get people to take notice and remember. I’d be interested in seeing numbers on how many people saw this and actually bought tickets to the show. It would have been great to have some call to action associated with this. A web site where people could upload photos of themselves with the box, a way to mention seeing it when you buy your tickets, or go to the show, anything to see how many people actually responded to this by making a purchase. It’s still a great advertisement though.