LandscapeForms “Rest” Bench Stole My Heart.

Today while I was out walking on the river trail by the Missouri River in Kansas City, I came across this amazing bench from LandscapeForms out of Kalamzoo Michigan. The “Rest” Bench, is available with or without a back, in combinations of wood and aluminum, as well as solid aluminum. This stunningly simple bench uses a mobius ribbon frame in a flowing form to create a singular bench in backed and backless versions. The graceful connection between frame and bench slats makes it look so elegant, and show off such a pure geometric form.

The bench was designed by designed by BMW Group DesignWorks USA for LandscapeForms. Designed to be functional as well as beautiful, the bench is fabricated from powder coated aluminum, and teak wood for heavy usage, and outdoor durability. The bench supports loads of up to 750 pounds, and is temperature tolerant to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

The cost of the bench runs approximately $ 1160 to $ 2120 plus shipping and handling depending on materials and configurations. And from what I can tell, it looks as though they sell to people within the design trade and not to the public, although I could be mistaken about this.

“Landscape Forms believes in the power of design and its ability to influence and elevate the quality of public space. High quality products and outstanding customer experience make Landscape Forms one of the world’s premier designers and manufacturers of outdoor commercial furnishings.”


  1. We’re so glad you are smitten with Rest. Thanks for writing about the bench and sharing the images. Our manufacturing folks here in Kalamazoo especially love to see where the products they build are placed.

    By the way, we are an open line and do sell to the public or businesses, municipalities, universities or anyone who admires and wishes to purchase our products.

    1. Thank you for the update about selling to the public. That is good news for me and all of the readers. Now I just need to set a time frame to buy two of those benches because they would look great at my house.

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