Why Didn’t I Think of This?

This is simply brilliant.

Move-It is a self-adhesive cardboard dolly designed to assist users in moving large cardboard boxes.  Designed by David Warwick Graham, the design is intended for people without a means of transportation who need to move large items from a one location to another. The cart is composed of a handle and a set of wheels which are applied with self adhesive backing, and allow move it to stick onto any size box. Move-It is very lightweight because it is made from cardboard and can carry loads of up to 45 pounds. After it is used, Move-It can be fully recycled, or it can be reused for another load. Wheel, axle, chassis and handle can all be mashed up at the recycling facility and made into new cardboard products; and the special repulpable contact adhesive that sticks the wheels and handle to the box is designed to disperse harmlessly in water.

The idea of Move-it is to enable people to shop in a spontaneous way, then deliver their goods themselves, without having to struggle, rely on cars, vans or taxis, or wait-in for deliveries. The system is designed for a typical trip across the city and can even cope with rain and wet pavements.