Design Friday, Sam Suliman.

With the rise first of CD’s and now all digital music via sources like iTunes and Amazon, the art of the Album cover is something that tends to get over looked. It is a sad but true fact, and I am as guilty as anyone for the demise of the album cover. I haven’t purchased a physical CD for myself in almost 10 years. iTunes has just made it way to easy. Album cover art is one of those things that is or was so radically important to the purchase process. When I would go into a retail outlet, it was the design of the album cover that would draw me in, and in many cases it would influence my purchase. If the album looked cool, then the band had to be good.

Designer Sam Suliman, had the gift of being able to draw you in with his simple, minimalist design work for the recording industry. His album cover designs are constructed from simple geometric shapes, saturated primary colors, and dynamic layouts. Each design captures the feeling of the music contained within, yet in most cases is really a simple abstraction of who the artist is, or what kind of music they play. His work in the mid 1960’s focused primarily on jazz and classical artist, and carried a visual impact that would have stood out on any store shelf, in a period where many designers were turning to photography to highlight the band members themselves.

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