Faded Glory, The Sign Painter Series by Photographer Jay B Sauceda.

I know I have mentioned this before, but years ago when I worked at Gannet Outdoor, I was blown away by the craftsmen that hand-painted billboards. This was at the end of an era when computer design was in its infancy. I’ll never forget the first time we received a billboard that had been printed on a Cactus printer and shipped to us. The sign painters scoffed at the quality and truly believed that it would never supplant their skill set. I simply remember thinking that’s it, they’re done. I know it was a crappy thing to think, but I was right. Here we are 20 years later and the skill-set that those men had, the one I was in awe of is all but forgotten.

The images below, by Texas photographer, Jay B Sauceda, brought back the feelings of admiration that I had for the guys that worked with me at Gannett. The Photos are spectacular and capture more than the lost craft of sign painting. In many ways they also represent that faded glory of time past. They are like a visual time capsule.

“Before there was vinyl printing there were big brick walls and craftsmen who covered said walls with their commercial artwork. This is my ever growing collection of those that I find while on the road.”  Jay B Sauceda