Mindy’s Hot Chocolate

James Beard Award winner Mindy Segal, is the pastry chef owner of Mindy’s Hot Chocolate in Chicago. Having eaten at this establishment I could write a review, but what I really want to talk about has less to do with the amazing food here, and more to do with a new packaging design concept I found for the place.

I have no idea if this is going to become actual packaging for Mindy’s, or if it is truly just a concept. Either way it Kyle Tezak’s design looks great, and if I were Mindy’s I’d consider using it.

Using Gil Elvgren illustrations as the backdrop, each girl is covered with a peel off label designed to conceal the pin-up. When you peel the label back, you see the entire illustration. It’s a nice concept done up in a retro style that features Mindy’s logo in a prominent way, and leaves a memorable impression.

What would have been interesting is if the designer had featured girls with ever-increasing deeper tans for the darker chocolates being used.