Dolce Gusto!

I’m one of these people who likes the idea of having a fancy espresso machine in my home, but can’t justify dropping over a grand on an automatic system that will be used to make espresso’s once or twice a week. I used to have a semi-automatic Francis Francis X-5 but when the boiler failed I gave it up. Then I saw this beautiful piece of machinery, and my interest in home espresso has been rekindled.

This single serving espresso machine from Dolce Gusto, according to the website, makes excellent Lungo, Aroma, Cappuccino, Chococino and Latte Macchiato Ice as well as 3 types of espresso. It is equipped with 15 bar pressure pump to extract the best flavors, and features patented automatic pressure adjuster based upon the drink of your choice. he futuristic look of Dolce Gusto is further enhanced by blue LED back light. And it goes to hibernate saving energy after being idle for 20 minutes. The new coffee maker is available in white or charcoal gray for $220.00, or $250.00 depending on the finish. The machine is manufactured for Docle Gusto by Krupps.

I know the site makes bold claims about what it can make, but the look is what sold me. I’ll have to wait and see if any reviews start popping up though before I pull the trigger. I’m always a little bit worried about pre-pack coffee, and Dolce Gusto is owned by Nescafe.