Rat Rods, Tatoos, Rock a Billy, and Gasoline. Greaserama 2010

This weekend marked the annual Labor Day festival known as Greaserama here in Kansas City. The event is held every year at the oldest continuously  operating drive in theater in America, the Boulevard Drive In, off Merriam Lane in the Rosedale neighborhood. This is the fourth year I have gone, and this was probably the biggest turn out for cars and people that I have seen. On a weather perfect Saturday evening I snapped 550 photos. Below are 110 of them.

All the images were shot on the Olympus EP1, with the 18 mm lens, and no flash. The images in the slide show have had the resolution dropped to make them easier to upload. If you would like to use any of the images, just shoot me an email and ask. I’ll send a high-res version to you.


  1. Hello, My model A is pictured on the site here & you mentioned you could forward a copy of the pics if requested.

    I’m Carl Hagan with FlashBurn Fabrication; my car is the Black model A with a drive in speaker in the pic and fold up chair on the ground.

    Thank you,

    Carl Hagan

    1. Hi Carl.

      Let me grab the images and I’ll shoot email them to you. Because they are fairly large in full resolution, I’ll probably zip them and send you a compressed archive. It’ll probably be later today, the full set of images is on my home computer and I didn’t see this until I got to work this morning.


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