Neutrabox not Mailbox.

For the last year I have been putting off buying a new mailbox for my house. I found a great modern looking one from a manufacturer in New Zealand that I still have book marked. I just can’t get past the long and kind of expensive shipping costs to get it to my home. Thankfully I found this today, and my upgrade delay might be coming to an end.

Neutra Box is a modern mailbox that can be mounted on a pole which suits my need perfectly. Each mailbox is individually hand-made utilizing new + unused portions of large sheets of galvanized metal and acrylic that are left-over scraps from large projects. This helps to reduce waste by using material that would otherwise go unused.

Knowing that each installation site is different, Neutra Box does not pre-drill the NB-1 mailbox. This allows you to customize your particular installation to fit your needs. The NB-1 mailbox can be mounted on a post, railing, or embedded in a wall system.

Oh and just incase anyone is wondering, yes I still get snail mail, and yes I want something that looks as good as my house does even if the box is out by the street.