Keep It Simple Stupid.

I am a firm believer in the principals of “Keep It Simple Stupid” when it comes to design and advertising. Keep your message simple, keep your design ideas simple, and you’ll get better results. I know that this isn’t the easiest thing to do on a regular basis, but when you can it usually works.

This is an excellent example of keeping it simple and getting real world results. The goal was to get companies to shut off the lights to support Earth Hour. So Leo Burnett’s Manila Philippines office came up with this clever little solution. They sent yellow candles to the CEO’s and business leaders of major companies in the Philippines. Each candle was contained in a box, that looked like a building with its lights on. When the candle is removed, the lights switch off. There is a small amount of copy directing them to help support Earth Hour and turn off the lights in their buildings to help reduce global warming.

The results; Corporate support increased by 260% from the previous year, helping to make the Philippines the top participant of Earth Hour in 2009 with 650 towns and cities turning off their lights for Earth Hour.

Executive Creative Directors: Richard Irvine, Raoul Panes
Creative Director/Designer: Alvin Tecson
Art Director/Designer: Mela Advincula
Copywriters: Candice Madamba, Cey Enriquez