The Power of Light In Motion.

Over the last year and a half I have seen a ton of stop motion video. It has been the go to flavor of the month for some time now, much the way the “I can’t draw sketch book look”, and “growing organic vines” was before that. It takes something pretty special to make me stop and take notice. This video clip did just that.

Using an An Arduino-powered stepper motor to control a set of light sources, Kim Pimmel photographed a spinning record player in the dark, and strung the still frames together into a beautifully hypnotic stop-motion video set to Tron. Pimmel used a Nikon D90 with up to 20 second exposures for each shot.

“To control the lights, I used an Arduino controlled via bluetooth to drive a stepper motor. The stepper motor controls the movements of the lights remotely from Processing. The light sources include cold cathode case lights, EL wire, lasers and more.”

Kim Pimmel

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