IKEA Cooks.

Later this year Swedish furniture giant is planning on releasing a cookbook entitled “Homemade is Best”. The book will feature photographs and illustrations created by artist Carl Kleiner, which feature the ingredients for each recipe laid out on a solid block of color. Each piece creates a grid like structure that beautifully illustrates the total amount of ingredients needed to complete the recipe, and in some cases the finished product. Kleiner, worked with food stylist Evelina Bratell to carefully arrange the portions into separate abstract structures. The result is food like you’ve never seen it—minimal, manicured and coolly designed. Keeping with IKEA’s assembly required, do it yourself attitude, the images truly represent IKEA’s philosophy turned toward food. Now where is the Swedish Meatball recipe

I really like the look of these, but then again it might be my own kitchen obsessive compulsive disorder kicking in.     As many of my friends will tell you, I am a neat freak when it comes to cooking.

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