The Story of Eames Furniture, by Gestalten.

The folks over at Gestalten have released an epic book about Eames furniture. This 800 page tome is destined to become the benchmark reference on the Eames furniture for years to come. The book is part biography, but not in the true sense of the word. It is a biography of the designer, the process, and the relationship between designer and manufacturer.

The book is filled with fantastic photographs, insightful text, and explains in unparalleled detail how the Eames as well as a talented team of designers worked to create some of the most significant pieces of mid-century modern furniture in the world. The book describes in detail the key role played by the Eames Office’s own development and perfection of production processes for its designs as well as the significance of its relationship with manufacturers.

By documenting the creation and spread of these landmark furniture designs, this book also tells the story of how modernism became established in homes and offices throughout the world in the last half of the 20th century.

The suggested price is $199.00, but Amazon has it for $125.00

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