A Little Saturday Video/Animation Experiment.

Last week I started working on a new After Effects lesson that I was going to teach later this year, and it quickly morphed into something entirely different. Any way this is the first result before I begin tweaking things like timing, color, and composition. The original file is 720p full HD at 29.97 frames per second. Rendered in its raw state it was a 9.5 gigabyte file. Thanks to Media encoder and Handbrake I got it down to a manageable size for upload to WordPress.

This video doesn’t exist


  1. Wade-
    Ran into Ethan last night at a function and he told me to check out this post. He’s right. I knew you were a terrific illustrator. I didn’t know you were such a romantic, though. Very nice job creating a dream-like environment and thanks for using Ella.

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