I Say Throw It All Out and Start Over.

Last Wednesday, I posted an update on Twitter and Facebook that said, “Sometimes you have to throw it all out and start over”. The update was referencing an After Effects lesson I was creating for use later in the year. The problem was I didn’t like the look of where the project was going stylistically, and the project was becoming a bit to complicated to teach in a 2 day session. What I ended up doing was not reworking this to make the lesson simpler, but instead becoming that self-indulgent designer and turning it into a personal project. One that I finished two days later, (the original video is here) and continued to tweak yesterday.

The rough story board with time indicators for music.

I think this really speaks to the nature of design and art in general for the most part. In many ways you are never satisfied with the first pass of what you are trying to create, and it requires many revisions and tweaks to get it right. Today I finished rendering version 9 of what was originally going to be a simple animation timed to a song. The initial project was being designed for a beginning course. Entry level stuff  like how to make an object move, scale, and rotate over time, with a few things like blending modes and how comps work thrown in. Unfortunately the look didn’t work, and I started adding things like 3D layers, cameras and lights. Not super advanced stuff, but definitely beyond the beginner level.

Original and updated looks between version 1 and 6

So the video above is the latest, and probably final version of the animated piece, although now that I have said that I’ll probably start tweaking it again. Hopefully not though. When I turned this into a personal project, I had ideas for 2 other songs that I am going illustrate and animate over the next month or so. If I keep tweaking this, I’ll never get started on those.

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