Bernd Krammerer’s Maserati 250f.

The classic Maserati 250f race car is truly a thing of beauty. A rolling sculpture coated in hand rubbed layers of lacquer and polished to a high gloss finish.

Recently photographer Bernd Kammerer took to the streets of Hamburg Germany to photograph the recently restored Maserati. Shooting on the streets at night, using HDR techniques to enhance the visual pop of he image, this racing legend pops off the screen at you. The warm yellow contrast of the sodium vapor lamps playing against the deep blue of the mid 1950’s open cockpit car.

This Maserati 250f is one of just 26 ever made. The car was designed to dominate the track, with its 2.5-litre Maserati A6 straight-six engine. This beauty won a total of 8 Grand Prix championships throughout the world during its life on the track. Success for the 250f was not limited to World Championship events though with 250F drivers winning many non-championship races around the world in the mid to late 50’s.

The 250F first raced in the 1954 Argentine Grand Prix where Juan Manuel Fangio won the first of his two victories before he left for the new Mercedes-Benz team. Fangio won the 1954 Drivers’ World Championship, with points gained with both Maserati and Mercedes-Benz; Racing icon Stirling Moss raced his own privately owned 250F for the full 1954 season.

Kammerer’s photos do an exquisite job of capturing this iconic race car.

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