Time To Customize.

Something I have tried to do when I post things on my blog is avoid blatant advertising for a company or service. I will mention pricing, and add links to products, but I never actually promote something. This post is going to come about as close to breaking that rule as I can. The reason is, I am a complete MINI fan, being the current owner of two, and previous owner of an 04 Cooper S.

One of the things that I have always wanted, but have never been able to find, are updated versions of the classic enamel badges you can get for vintage MINI Coopers. There are mods to mount a classic badge but up until today, I hadn’t seen anyone make much more than these cheap magna-flap sticker like things. Well my search is over thanks to my friend Tom Brantman who sent me a link to Go Badges. These guys are making high quality badges for your MINI and you can send in your own art for custom work.

The base dome badge starts at $25.00 and additional face plates run 10 bucks more. A custom badge pricing varies on the style of your design and the quantity you order. I’m hooked. It’s time to start designing, and get some custom badge work made for my MINI Convertible S. And yes I am promoting this product and service, because a naked MINI is an unhappy MINI.