Airline Originals.

Back in the golden age of air travel, you used to be able to purchase airline bags that were well designed and embellished with the logo of the carrier you tended to travel on the most. I remember as a kid seeing people carrying the iconic Pan Am and TWA bags through the airport.

Airline Originals flight bags are based on “Cabin Bags”, which were used primarily on long haul flights by most carriers from the mid 1950’s through the late 1970’s. (They have been replaced by those generic wheel bags you see flight attendants pulling behind them these days.) The Airline Originals bags have been thoughtfully reproduced by designers Tom Tilleul, and Valentine Halloy.

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The bags are available in four models, and constructed of heavy gauge PVC, with a thick inner lining. The materials and weight produce great strength and durability. In addition to the unique logo treatment on the side of each bag, they also come standard with a “Safety on Board” label, bright orange liner, heavy-duty metal zippers, and a faithfully reproduced whistle. (the whistle was attached to a life jacket, that would have been worn by an attendant in case of an emergency water landing.) The bags are produced in limited runs, establishing a “collectable” status, as airlines are phased out, and new ones come on board.

Airline Originals run from 80 to 95 dollars depending on the size and style.