Extrodinary Photoshop Work by Jim Kazanjian.

In the last 20 years there has been a shift in photography that has been brought about by the continuous revolution and growth of Adobe Photoshop. Not all photographers use it the same way, and that’s OK. Some opt for traditional uses, like color correction, sharpening, pre-press work. Others have pushed Photoshop to the limits extending what they do, and blurring the lines between photography and illustration for the better.

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Portland, Oregon based artist Jim Kazanjian is one of those individuals that have embraced the technology and pushed it to some create stunning photo-illustrations. Jim Kazanjian knows how to use Adobe Photoshop like no one else. He use the program to create his stunning digital collages/photo-illustrations that refer to the stillness and quietness of place, and space in his images. His works form from multiple images and look eerily like pencil drawings. Kazanjian works from images that he shoots as well as high-resolution images that he sources from the internet. The images are collaged together using the only program he works with; Photoshop.