Alexa Meade’s 3D Paintings.

I have mixed feelings about Alexa Meade’s paintings. Part of me says that this is a bit gimmicky, part of me says this is really pretty damn cool. The good thing is, she is only 23 and her career is just beginning, so pushing this and developing the concept more is sure to come. None the less I am fascinated by the work, and the image I am really drawn to is the portrait of the man on the subway. I think it really works because it is so out of context when compared to the other images. The idea of performance is really opened up here. What Meade is doing with her portraiture questions our understanding of the body and identity. Rather than painting a representational picture on a flat canvas, Meade paints her representational image directly on top of her subjects. The subject and its representation are attempting to become one and the same. Essentially, her art imitates life on top of life blurring the line between painting, sculpture, and performance.

To see Alexa in action, watch the video below the slide show.

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