Timing is Everything.

When you work with video and animation, everything boils down to timing. I have been working off and on for the last couple of weeks on a 4 and half-minute animated short that has to time out to the lyrics of a song. The timing is critical, and the After Effects composition has grown into a hundred plus layered, 30 plus composition, mega effect file. Using lights and multiple cameras have slowed my progress to a crawl, and the thing I keep finding is I have to render the video and play it to catch where the timing is off. After Effects does such a crap job of handling and previewing audio it’s almost impossible to get the timing down on a file this large just by scrubbing in the time line. So this morning after yet another 17 hour render, I played back the video and decided to tweak the timing again. I know I am being a little obsessive at this point. Probably because I am so close to the project and I am catching things most people won’t notice. Still this morning I am setting out again to try to get it “Right”. What ever that means.