Design Friday, Lance Wyman.

I think designing a good logo is one of the toughest assignments any designer will ever get. You have to distill an entire brand, name, and corporate essence into a symbol that reads well, and conveys everything about that company in a single glance. You know when it is done right. As professional designers, we are all asked to produce a logo at some point in our careers. For some, that task comes much easier. The quality of their execution is always spot on, and it comes so effortlessly. Lance Wyman is one of those gifted designers that is a master at logo design.

“In 1960 I graduated from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York with a degree in Industrial Design. At that time graphic design was a European influence that was just being introduced in American universities at the graduate level. When I met a student who studied logo design with Paul Rand at Yale, I knew I wanted to design logos.”

An excellent article by Lance Wyman on logo design nd way finding systems can be found here at webesteem.

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