The Hidden Screen.

One of the things about living in a smaller modern home is, wall space and room sizes can be limited. I have my TV set up in a smaller room space in the center of my house, and finding a decent place to put the TV that doesn’t compete with a window, or obstruct a walk way is rather hard.

Last year I built a Wall mount TV cabinet that concealed all of the cables, but got rid of it after just one year because adding and changing components on it was a pain in the ass. That is a whole story unto itself, that I’ll talk about on another occasion.

The reason I am bringing this up at all is because I came across a cabinet by Troy Adams Design today that might fit the bill for space conscious, hide those cables, display my TV in a cool way people.

“The Hidden Screen”, is a well designed flat-screen TV enclosure that elegantly and conveniently hides your media while looking like a sleek modern wall cabinet.

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According to Los Angeles interior designer Troy Adams “It’s a multifaceted asymmetrical piece (with) a two-tone appeal”.

“The Hidden Screen” is a hand crafted piece of furniture designed to accommodate any size flat-screen TV, the Hidden Screen can be surface mounted on the wall or fully or partially recessed. The doors are equipped with soft-touch enclosures, that glide shut with a silky smooth movement, thanks to their sophisticated German hardware. It’s available in any color glass or any exotic wood species (shown in Macassar ebony wood veneers). Choose glass or wood shelving, which can be illuminated.

Here is the kicker… Because of the materials used, and the fact that it is hand crafted, this will set you back a cool 14 grand.