On the back of my house are a series of recessed lights that fit between the exterior wall and the wooden sun screen that sits about 6 inches above the surface. The lights are actually rather cheap metal enclosures that fall victim to exposure to the elements on a regular basis. Since we moved in, I have been looking for something to replace them, and have little luck finding anything that went with the architecture of the home. That might have changed though.

OUTLINES are a discreet but efficient exterior lighting system designed by Alain Monnens for tossB. The construction is sufficiently strong that it can easily bear the weight of an adult person if the lights are mounted on a ground surface like along the edge of a drive or a walk. All the aluminum parts have been specially treated, so that they are resistant to even the very severest weather conditions. The remaining parts are made from top-quality stainless steel, which should work well outside my home. The best part is, OUTLINES can be positioned  horizontally or vertically to a wall. That means they would work as the exterior wall washing lights I need.