Freedom of Creation 3D Fonts.

As 3D printings become more and more accurate and cost affordable, you are going to see additional uses, and implementations. This is a very creative use of these new tools.

Freedom Of Creation has developed and launched the world’s first 3D font and made one further step towards its dream of totally customized industrial production available to all of us.

With the innovative Kashida-latin and Kashida-arabic 3D fonts, and the online application used to set your type, the customer can type their personal text, word or acronym on the computer and order 3D printed text directly from Freedom Of Creation.

The new 3D fonts transform the characteristics of the Arabic and Latin letter forms and invert them. The sloping Arabic letter forms become straight and strict and vice versa, generating a fusion of the two cultural backgrounds. This is enhanced by the fact that in 3D typewriting the result is non directional: neither from left, like Latin writing, neither from right, like Arab writing.

Freedom of Choice 3D fonts can be seen as a sculptural object in traditional ways. Like bent metal ribbons or a similar material, that would have taken an  artisan hours or days to create and probably taken the combined skills of several craftsman to complete.

What Freedom of Choice brings to the table, is the ability to use consistent materials for fabrication, and a standardized aesthetic for everyone using the online application.