Some Nice Christmas Card Designs.

I work for a company that produces some of the best holiday greeting cards in the world, so you could say I am a little biased when it comes to us vs the competition. With that said though, I am always the first to admit there are some really amazing designers doing great work that rivals or at times exceeds what my company produces. That’s OK it helps raise the bar, and drives all of us forward to be even more creative, and design better products.

To many, designing a greeting card seems like it would be easy, but in reality it can be one tough design job. Over the last week, I had the opportunity to be back on the greeting card design boards designing two cards (something I haven’t done in years), while I thought it would be a simple task, it took allot more effort than I remembered.

Below is a gallery of Christmas cards that I think are absolutely wonderful from a design perspective. They have pushed the genre forward in terms of design, process, illustration, message and quality.