Boo Box Frames for Your Instagram Prints.

With my yearlong Instagram project underway, I thought I would look into finding a way to display the images beyond the internet at the end of 2011, so I started digging around and I found the Boo Box frame from Hatchcraft.

Boo Box is a frame designed specifically for Instagram prints. Constructed from sustainable bamboo, the shadow box frame holds your prints, floated above the back surface. The 4″ Boo Box frame has a shadow box pocket and border of 1/4″ each surrounding the Print. Each frame comes with an engraved “hatchcraft” logo in the lower left portion of the backside with a keyhole slot in the top-middle for easy hanging. The frames come in three colors Lion, Tiger, and Bear, with each featuring a distinct tone and pattern.

Everything about the frame is designed to preserve your prints for the long-term. The glass is UV coated to prevent fading, and the adhesive is pH neutral and acid free to prevent discoloration. Your images are printed on 290 gsm Hahnemuhle Bamboo Paper which is a soft fine-art paper with a warm hue, natural base tone crafted from highly renewable, ecologically friendly bamboo grass and spring water to create a premium fine art paper.

Boo Box frames run $20.00 dollars each, but I’m hoping they will give me a volume discount if I order a couple hundred this time next year.

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  1. Sounds like a cool idea. Any suggestions on services to print Instagram images? It would be cool to get them printed to look like Polaroid shots.

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