Hyper Island & WeSC Interactive Storefront

Over the last few years the use of interactive store front windows has begun to become more common place in larger markets where retailers are willing to experiment with new ways of attracting an audience. I have been fascinated with both the technology, and design implications that come out of this kind of work.

Most of the time the interaction is fairly simple; there are short videos followed by a touch based web page projected on the window, or interaction with movement at street level is presented. What Hyper Island has done here for clothing line WeSC is create an experience that extends beyond the window allowing you to build a portion of your experience online using a set of tools that allow you to upload your own image and build a unique background pattern. All of this mirrors the street level experience of the interactive store front, which uses infrared cameras to measure movement in front of the window, and control the projected image.

The people in the display were shot against a green screen with a Red One camera. I’m not sure what the programming component is, but I have a feeling it might be “processing”. Below is video of the window in action and the how they made it video.

Designed and built by Beatriz Areilza, Gustaf Engström, Lucas Lima and Marcus Wallander.