I Need a Good Blower.

After the second major snowfall of the season, I am trapped at home today. I got the driveway shoveled but there is so much snow in the street, I can’t make it out to any main thoroughfare. So here I am, working at home on a logo design, and I am having a hard time getting my head wrapped around it. When this happens my mind tends to wander and I find myself thinking of all sorts of things. Things like, “I wish I had a snow blower so I wouldn’t have to shovel so much.” So I started digging around on the internet looking for snow blowers, and found a few that look promising, although I won’t be buying any of these today.

I’ve narrowed my choices to three based on about 50 reviews that I have read today, and I’m kind of leaning to the more expensive Toro brand. The choices are the Toro 15 Amp Electric Curve Snow Thrower, and the GreenWorks 26032 (20″) Electric Snow Blower, and the WORX WG 650. The price difference is $200.00 with the Toro coming in with the high price point, and the others right at $299.00.

All 3 cut an 18 inch path which is great, but the Toro has just a bit more power and will go through snow up to 10 inches deep. The Greenworks and WORX blowers can only handle snow up to 8 inches deep. The question is though, how often do we get a 10 inch snowfall at one time? Not very often, even last nights big storm only dumped 8 inches on us, and last years massive 36 inches of snow came in 4 separate storms.

All of them have great features, and have gotten great reviews, I’m just not sure if the Toro offers that much of an advantage over the others. I’m thinking with the $200.00 I save by buying the WORX or GreenWorx brand I could get myself a really warm pair of snow boots and gloves. Two things that are really important when you are out in the snow.