The Instagram 365 Project. 01/20/2011

Yesterday was my birthday , and it was punctuated with a rather large snow storm that rolled through leaving me with about 8 and a half inches of snow to shovel out of my drive this morning. Last night while I was staring out the front door at the snow coming down, my mom called and reminded me like she does every year, “it was snowing like this the day I was born.” Yes she really does let me know every year how much it snowed the day I was born. Anyway when I got off the phone with her, I took a quick photo out the front door to see if I could capture the snow coming down. Much to my surprise I did. The iPhone camera once again proves how amazing it can be. This image was shot with ambient street light. I ran it through a couple of iPhone apps before loading it into Instagram. I know technically I didn’t shoot this today, but I did shoot it after yesterday’s post so I’m using it.