Show Your True Colours.

If you are a graphic designer, illustrator, or artist, you probably know who Faber Castell is. If you aren’t or don’t, they make colored pencils and other art supplies used by those of us that still do work outside of the pixels only realm.

I love this campaign from ServicePlan for Faber-Castell. The imagery is outstanding, the Photoshop work while not insanely challenging is still really solid and well executed. The layouts are simple, and more importantly, the images sell you on the idea that the colors of Faber-Castell’s colored pencils are as true to life as you are going to get.

Agency: Serviceplan, Munich, Germany
Creative Director: Alex Schill
Art Directors: Andereas Balog, Marijo Sanje
Copywriters: Nicolas Becker, Lorenz Langgartner
Graphic Designer: Fabian Hal