Really Useful Poster.

I love it when someone takes something that gets taken for granted, or is considered mundane in some way, and creates something really well designed that makes you think about said object in a new light. Or for that matter makes you even think about it at all. That is what appealed to me about this set of posters produced by Print-Process for Mash Creative.

Mash Creative’s “Really Useful Poster” series is a set of simple one color posters that highlight things like “Greenwich Meantime, The Metric System, Printing Sizes, and Emoticon Shortcuts.” While I might not use all of these posters all of the time, they did make me stop and think, and they did make me say  “I might use that one, or that one, or…”

The careful grid structure, color pallet, and wonderful typesetting of the Giclée print will no doubt have creatives drooling, and the whole set would look awesome in any design studio, especially mine. The thing is though, I’m pretty sure that beyond actually looking good, they are damn useful. Take a close look at the detail on each one;and you’ll understand why. Useful, Simple, Elegant design.


    1. Stef there is a post on January 1st talking about the Instagram project, but in a nutshell this is what I’m doing;
      Instagram is an iPhone app, that is a photo based social network. I’m posting photos daily on the iPhone app for the next year. The most popular of my posts for the day gets re-blogged here.

      Right now Instagram is iPhone only, but it is my understanding they have Android and Blackberry versions coming soon.

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