Our Master Bathroom Overhaul Has Begun.

This morning I have spent a couple of hours looking at bath fixtures on-line. The planning for the bathroom upgrade is officially underway, with a construction date set for mid April to early May.

We love Modular 4. Seriously, living here is pretty amazing, and there are only a few small things that we would change, one of which is the bathrooms. There is nothing wrong with them in many ways. They are small but very functional. Our issues come down to finish. The fixtures while adequate, don’t compare to the rest of the finish on the home, and frankly they need an upgrade. The biggest gripe, the plastic shower surrounds in both baths.

So what is the plan?

Well the vanity stays. They are actually quite nice cabinets from Ikea, that have the same paper stone counters that are used in the kitchen. They look really nice, and they work. The sink, faucet, shelving, medicine cabinet, shower surround, shower fixtures all get replaced.

Starting this year with the master bath the plan is to remove the shower surround and replace it with a cast shower basin. Then a floor to ceiling glass wall will be installed with a sliding door to the shower. Multi-colored Heath ceramic tile will wrap the inside of the shower and extend across the main bathroom wall behind the vanity and medicine cabinet. The shower fixtures will be upgraded, as well as the faucet and sink. New glass shelving will be installed above the toilet and new towel racks will be installed across from the vanity.

The Heath Ceramic Tile we are looking at purchasing for the bathroom walls.

This isn’t a complete gut and rebuild, but instead a make over, since the bathroom is in great shape and just needs an upgrade.

Right now we are looking at fixtures from both Cosmic, and from Kohler. Yes Kohler. I keep checking out the higher end stuff they make and I am pretty impressed with the design, fit and finish on all of it. Plus I can purchase all of it from a place like faucets direct, and get everything at about three-fourths the cost of buying from a dealer or interior designer.

The Cosmic shower base and glass wall divider. Ours will have a sliding door and run wall to wall, and not be free standing.

update; as I was writing this Kristy was in the other room buying fixtures and hardware from faucet direct, so it’s official we have started the process.



  1. Nice selections. I apologize if you have already done this, but could you put a couple photos of your existing bathroom? Or a sketch of it’s floor plan, with square footage. I’m trying to visualize the new fixtures and tile in a bathroom! Thanks, love the tile.

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