Laser Lights For a 3D World.

A few years ago there was this new video technology called “Flock of Birds”. Basically the way it worked was, you set up a group of cameras in a circle, connected all of them to a computer or series of computers, and allowed the computer system to trigger the camera shutters in sequence or at the same time. The result was an image sequence that made the subject look not only frozen in time, but rotating in 3D space. The effect was quite hot but way to expensive and prone to software glitches so it never gained a huge amount of popularity.

Using a similar technique, London based designer Moritz Waldemeyer created the laser light effects for pop star Ellie Goulding‘s music video “Lights”.

Using 50 Olympus EP1 cameras on a time slice rig we were able to capture Ellie within a world of 3D light design. Working with a combination of laser drumsticks, a dance table and computer programmed LED wands Waldemeyer was able to create the shot. I love that she used the EP1. I love that camera.