More/Real iPad/iPhone Stylus Cap

I use my iPad everyday, and I am always in search of a better stylus for it. I have a couple, and while they do the job, they aren’t nearly as good as my Wacom tablet when it comes to drawing and sketching. When I saw this today over on Kick Starter, I got really excited.

Here we have a stylus, designed by, and for designers and artist. Please watch the video embedded below, and then click the link to the kick starter site for more information. And if you feel so inclined, make a pledge to help this guy get his project started.

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  1. I never understood why they cant come up with a little palm stylus that sticks in back of the device. For all the people that complain about HP(I write this as I type on hp laptop) the one thing they got right was a stylus. I am just getting use to the smartphone world and the iphone texting my fat finger texting can be difficult.

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