It’s an 8-Bit World.

The Vancouver and Berlin based design group eBoy creates 8 Bit images for a heavy hitter client list that includes companies like, Adidas, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Paul Smith, DKNY, Kidrobot, MTV, The New York Times, Wired Magazine and many others.

The idea driving eBoy’s creative approach was the embracement of the new possibilities of the emerging digital world. Their decision to directly work on and for the screen led to the simplified use of pixels, which resulted in a very retro 8-Bit style. From that a modular based work system started to evolve and resulted in some very complex object rich artwork.

eBoy’s latest work is designed cityscape wall murals of London, Los Angeles, Baltimore, Berlin, New York, Paris and Tokyo for Wallpaper Republic. Also available are their pixellated people in a wallpaper named “Peecol” and some graphic pixellated repeat pattern designs. Not for those who favor subtlety.

The wallpaper that can be purchased from their online store here.

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