Grupo HeWi “V” Collection.

As spring approaches, I start thinking about the outdoor part of my house. About finishing the deck addition, landscaping, and creating a comfortable environment to enjoy the yard and the expansive field to the south. One of the things I am always on the look out for is decent modern outdoor furniture that is durable, and light weight. The V collection from Grupo Hewi meets those requirements with a stylish fiber wrapped, metal frame collection of chairs, loungers, and tables.

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Grupo HeWi outdoor furniture collection is produce with soft synthetic fibers and metal frame. The synthetic fibers are resistant to UV, and all kind of outdoors environments  like heavy use, pool water and sea salt. This kind of fibers is also a Non-toxic material that is 100% recyclable and friendly on the environment. Both the metal frame and the synthetic fibers can be recycled at your local recycling center.