The Instagram 365 Project. 03/02/2011

Today Apple announced the iPad 2 which will be available on March 11th. As much as I hate the shrinking life cycles of hardware, I have to admit the minor enhancements to the iPad sold me. It has all of the things the first generation device should have had, and is missing somethings I would have loved to have seen on iPad 2. The good news is, I already sold my current iPad to help offset the cost of the new one, so I’ll be pre-ordering my iPad 2 as soon as it is available. I’m not sure what to think about the shrinking product life cycles for computer hardware. It used to be 24 months, then 18, then 12 and now it seems even shorter. I do know that even though I was slow to join the fan base and adopt the iPad, I’m hooked so I’ll be forking over some cash come 3/11/2011.

This might not be my best Instagram photo, but it generated the most comments, and likes today, so it gets posted here.