Drawing Inspiration from Wesley Louis.

One of the things that makes me a little nuts as a designer, (and especially one that works with animation and motion graphics), is the assumption that changes are easy. That the process of creation is as easy as the click o a mouse now that we all have computers. I can’t tell you how many times in the last decade and a half that I have heard, “This should only take a few minutes, can’t you just knock it out in Photoshop?” First off I try not to “Knock out” anything. I like the idea of a quality product, and that usually is associated with time, craft, skills, and talent. The other thing I hear is, “I know you are animating this, but how long will it take you to make these minor changes? Oh and I need this by the end of the day.”

The point of all of this is, I found this great video over on Vimeo, and when you get to the end, look at the number of people it took to produce this. When you have watched the credits, think about the amount of time it took. Then think about how each thing interacts on-screen, and how much time changes on this would actually take. This crew made a wonderful little short, and they made it look easy, but I guarantee you it was not.

This project took two years to complete and involved about 25 people total. All the background info is on their blog here.

Oh and watch the making of video as well. It gives some really great insight into the animation and design process for this project.

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