“Adobe After Effects Quit Unexpectedly.” Hmmmm.

All afternoon I have been trying to render out a fairly complex animation from After Effects CS5. And all afternoon I have been crashing the application at various points in the render process. 21.15 seconds the first time, 30.05 and so on. Even when I try to render it in chunks I am crashing After Effects. I’m pretty sure it is a memory issue, or an issue with just to much complex compositing combined with animation going on. I’m not even rendering out audio with this, so I thought it was going to be fairly easy. What I do know is this, it’s Saturday and I don’t feel like working anymore, so it is time to call it quits. I have the same file rendering at work on my Mac Tower, so hopefully when I get in on Monday things will have worked out for the best. If not, it’s time to figure out a better way, because I’m tired of seeing this screen.