Has Facebook Jumped the Shark?

Over the last year I have been saying that it feels as though Facebook has jumped the shark. I know the enrollment numbers to continue to climb, and they have over 650 million users world-wide, but it seems like most of the people I know use it far less than they did a year ago. The white-hot excitement about the social networking site seems to be, well… flat. I thought it was just me, but the folks over at Ars Technica have a poll running that would seem to back up what I have been saying.

I took the poll and was actually kind of surprised by what I saw. Less than 3% are hardcore users, and less than 20% check it often. I’m curious about a couple of things, like what people consider “Often”. Is that daily, bi-weekly, Once a week, etc. The other consideration is the fact that the readers of Ars Technica are pretty tech savvy, so out of that 19.7 percent that check Facebook Often, how many non-tech savvy users would do the same.

I know the poll isn’t scientific, but the results are interesting. I also know that a whole lot of you are going to say I’m smoking crack about Facebook having jumped the shark, and you may be right. It’s just my opinion, and one that is based on the number of posts, comments, and likes I see on a daily basis, and in my Facebook world they are way down from this time last year. To take the poll click here.


  1. I don’t think you’re smoking crack at all. On the contrary, I think you’re on to something here. I’ve actually been very close to terminating my Facebook account a number of times in the past six or eight months. In an effort to practice moderation, I’ve instead opted for temporary closing my account from anywhere to a weekend or a whole week. My FB behavior has definitely changed this year, I only post once a day and some days not at all. If it weren’t for the fact that my immediate family lives so far away and FB makes it very easy to keep up with them, I wouldn’t have the slightest hesitation about leaving. Many of the bloggers and people I follow on Twitter have already closed their FB accounts, and they make very compelling arguments for it. I’ll go take that poll now. Cheers, -S.

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