Eric Erickson’s Poppers.

I’m not a fisherman. That doesn’t mean that I have never been fishing, quite the contrary. When I was a kid I went fishing all the time. I had a number of fishing poles including the oh so famous, “Popeil’s Pocket Fisherman”. I also had a number of fishing lures that used to belong to my grandfather. At the time I remember being completely fascinated by the shapes, colors and power they had to land me a fish at the local pond. I wish I still had those lures, but when you are ten or twelve keeping those kinds of things seem to get lost in the shuffle of life.

When I saw Eric Erickson’s fishing lures today, the memories came rushing back. No I am not going to go out and get a bunch of fishing gear and head to the local lake. I might however buy a set of these because they are really wonderful pieces of design work. Almost to nice to put in the water, let alone a fishes mouth.

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According to Eric Erickson, “The lures I create are meant to symbolize a modern Trojan Horse. The intent is to entice, engage, and captivate the mind of the observer. They exemplify a time of intimacy with our weaknesses as a consumer. From fast-food to fashion, I enjoy studying why people buy and consume the things they do and the way they do it.”.