A 50 Year Old Design Time Capsule.

Last summer when work began at the Notting Hill Gate station on London’s subway system, a series of posters were discovered in what used to be a waiting area for elevators. The posters were installed between 1956 and 1959 and are in remarkable shape considering where they have been for the last 5 decades. The images were taken by Mike Ashworth who works at Notting Hill Gate.

The posters are a great example of late 1950’s graphic design, typography, and illustration. According to the statement below, the posters are going to be left where they are. I kind of wish they would be removed, and given to a museum for public display.

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Work at (Notting Hill Gate) station has recently uncovered these amazing advertising posters in non-public areas and that date from c1956 – 1959 when the station’s lifts were removed and replaced by escalators. These are in an old lift passageway. We will be leaving these intact – and please do not pester the station staff as the posters are wholly inaccessible – which is why they’ve probably survived 50 odd years!