The Instagram 365 Project. 03/13/2011

Right now one of my best friends is in South Africa working with his church to help the impoverished people who make up so much of that population. Tim goes every year and works tirelessly with Oceans of Mercy to raise awareness about the impact of AIDS in that country as well as to help better the lives of those less fortunate. Last year I had the privileged of going with him to help work on a documentary short that focuses AIDS in Africa and the orphans it leaves behind. Today when I was at the local grocery store doing my weekly shopping, on of the things that struck me is the overwhelming amount of food that goes into the modern American grocery store. It made me wonder about the amount of waste and spoilage there is, as well as the amount of energy it takes to get the food to the location and keep it fresh until it is sold. Seeing this, would be nirvana for any resident of a South African township, or for many of the underprivileged people on planet earth.