The Future is Glass.

I always love the way companies see the future. When you look back at future predictions from the past it’s always a little humorous you know. I mean shouldn’t we all be flying to work in personal helicopters or using jet packs by now? The thing is, some of the predictions are pretty accurate. Not perfect, but a good reflection of where technology will take us. Back in the early 1960’s the prediction that we would all be using video phones by the 1980’s was quite popular. It didn’t happen in the 1980’s, but when you look at the number of people who use Skype, and Face Time on their computer and mobile phone; and now are using Skypeor other video phone technology on their flat panel TV you can see where that is starting to happen now.

Illustrator Fred McNabb's vision of the future in 1956. Hmmm Flat panel TV, Video Phone and Helicopter. Well Some of it came true. And is that the Disney "House of the Future" in the background?

This vision of the “Future”,  shows off future concepts with loads of  touch screen digital displays operating at the next level. It is the future by Corning, the guys who make the Gorilla Glass which is used on over 200 million mobile hand sets.You can see in the video that Corning wants the entire world to be an integrated always on touch screen experience. And they want every surface you come in contact with, to display loads of data and information seamlessly blending your physical and digital worlds together every waking moment of the day. This is where they are hoping to take multi-touch digital displays over the next few years, and as a glass company I’m sure they would love this. I’m not sure all of this will come to fruition, but I bet more than a little of it will.

Personally, I like the video because the perfect family in it lives in a really cool house.