The Instagram 365 Project. 03/19/2011

I shot this last night, well early this morning as I was walking up to the front of my house. This is the front door, and something about the way it looked last night caught my eye as I was walking up. I have made this walk every day for a year and a half, and last night the image just grabbed me. Maybe it was the additional light from the full moon, maybe it was the impending storms, maybe just the change of the season. Either way, I stopped took out the iPhone and snapped this shot.

There is something about the way the light surrounds the door frame, and all those converging lines leading to the door itself. The image itself is filled with all sorts of digital noise, thanks to the iPhone’s camera sensor, and the fact that it doesn’t shoot all that well in low light. It doesn’t really bug me though. It almost feels like analog film grain.